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Choosing a Web Host

Are you considering choosing a new web host for your existing website or are you venturing into your first web project ever?
In either case there are some important points to keep in mind.
The best way to organize them is by making a checklist. This way you can check off each point as you confirm it. It may sound like
a simplistic and unnecessary approach but such over-preparation can prevent disputes with your future web hosting provider and save you a lot of time and money in the process.

How to choose a Web Host


Domain Name

How important is a web domain name when it comes to success
in business? It is said that there are over 20 million domain names currently registered online. Therefore it can be a challenge to come up with a simple yet original name that hasn't already been taken. The domain name you choose will be directly related to how successful you are in e-commerce. Remember that in general a simple domain name is the best to use in marketing.

Choosing the right Domain Name


Bandwidth Explained

Are you looking to start your own website but are confused over the issue of web hosting bandwidth? Fear not you don't need the mind of a Web hosting Al Gore to understand the Internet. Let's break down what bandwidth means and how much you really need.
Bandwidth refers to the amount of traffic between your website and the rest of the Internet that your provider allows. Obviously if things were so simple there would be no restrictions on bandwidth. However your provider is only able to offer you as much bandwidth as allowed by their own network.

Web Hosting Bandwidth explained


Cheap Web Hosting

Have you ever heard the expression 'You get what you pay for'? The philosophy behind that old cliche is still valid if you buy cheap you will get cheap. If you accept something for free you have no right to complain.

The same is true when it comes to Cheap web hosting. Your first thought is probably something along the lines of 'why pay for web hosting when so many companies are giving their services away for free?'

Is Cheap Web Hosting Actually Cheaper?


Reliable Web Hosting

Just how important is it to have reliable web hosting?
Every webhost provider claims to be reliable but some providers promise more than they actually offer their clients. Usually only payed services claim to have high up-time, sometimes up to 99% total availability. You may be wondering whether it's worth investing in higher caliber services for this supposed 'reliability'
or if the cheaper websites will perform just as well.

The importance of having Reliable Web Hosting


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